Friday, February 10, 2017

Let's talk about Ricki and Nebdem. Click here.

It seems only fitting that if one side of a story can be presented in one's own controlled venue, that the other side of that story should be told the same way.

Contained here are Yahoo Messenger Chatlogs spanning several days / weeks which, when read in entirety, will help explain the problems I've been having with Ricki (Terri) and NebDem at The Banned Room. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Feel free to copy and distribute the link to this blog, and any links contained herein as you see fit. All parties involved in this dispute, as well as the parties mentioned within the chats themselves, have been made aware of this blog and it's contents. That they chose to ignore them is not my concern.

Have a nice day!

Yahoo Chatlog 1

Yahoo Chatlog 2

On 6-22, I recieved approximately 25 phone calls from Ricki, and my wife's place of employment recieved at least 10.

June 22

I guess there was another Psychotic episode in TBR's Book Room around the 3rd of July, but of course Mr. Clean the Nutless Wonder scrubbed it all as usual. That poor bastard must get awful tired of cleaning house every time she shits on the carpet. Read about it here, starting with the oldest comments first.

The following was recieved July 9th, 17 days after I ceased all contact with Ricki. I gave no reply.

July 9

Nebdem and Ricki have tried to harrass and censor me at another site, having already been successful at, Raw Story and Alternet. This one didn't go as well as they'd expected.

Here are comments made by Ricki from Jan, Feb and March on another website she thought she could ruin.

These comments were posted to The Woodshed on 8/8/2016. The funny part of it is that "The Whale's" email addy is:

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Finally, a special message for Ricki and Nebdem: